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In today’s competitive business environment, every single intricate detail matters. The need of the hours is to be attentive to all the intricacies and address them timely. Interactivity is the key in maintaining customer loyalty. Large & small business entities have realized the importance of this fact and are forming their business models on the core value of interactivity.
TV and Radio Channels have realized the above and have started introducing programs that encourage their viewers to interact. We at EBR-I offer a number of interactive business solutions to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. Some of the most common services that we can assist you with are:



Chat application can be set as an overlay ticker, a full-screen version or partial screen version:
Premium rate message handling
Advertisement banner management
Transaction reporting
Moderation tool for blocking profane / offensive messages
Message simulation tool
SMS Return Message Editor
Invite customers to make queries, give comments and place orders via a text/SMS message. Customers may be more willing to text requests or queries due to the shear convenience as compared to making calls or even logging on to a website.
Voting / Polling
The Application for quick voting and polling! You can edit the statement or the question to be shown easily and quickly. The application displays real time results to TV channel viewers.
Results in real-time
Tailor made to look-and-feel
Easy question – answer-set editing
2 – 4 alternatives per question
Yes/No -questions
Easy question – answer-set editing
2 – 4 alternatives per question
Yes/No -questions
With our Quiz editor you can created and broadcast SMS TV quizzes in no time.
Question database editor
Look-and-feel editor
One question, four alternative answers
Full-screen and partial screen versions available
Apart from the above mentioned application, we have the expertise to create bespoke applications to cater to your interactive TV / program requirements.
Music Request
Using our Song queuing application, TV Channels and Radio stations can rapidly launch programs that play music according to their customer’s requests.
Customer Text in their music requests.
Viewers/Listeners text in request to dedicate songs to their loved ones
Coverage Map
Operator Information
Marketing for your Services
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