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Modernization has brought about changes in all fields and the media market is no exception. Following the trends in other fields, the mobile handset has also become a critical channel to communicate and build consumer awareness.
Mobile Marketing is a cutting-edge new media channel that redefines direct marketing by delivering advertising messages directly to consumers via their mobile phones. This high-tech, highly effective new channel has swept through Asia and Europe, dramatically changing these markets.

Mobile marketing delivers content to mobile phones, which represent the third and most personal screen. The content can be personalized and timed to reach targeted consumers anytime, anywhere, when they are most receptive and ready to act.
EBR Interactive L.L.C. provides you with a platform to utilize mobile marketing to interact beneficially with the customer by providing sales opportunities, product awareness campaigns, getting product reviews, customer loyalty programs or you create and sell content via the handset. We at EBR-I have the skills and experience to deliver effective, timely, and fully-integrated global and localized mobile campaigns that enthrall, entertain, and completely engage your audience. From global campaigns for packaged goods to boutique campaigns for select brands, we offer a portfolio of resources to mobilize your message using the most innovative and timely mobile solutions on the market.
EBR-I is one of premier mobile agency delivering customized campaigns and promotions to large youth-focused brands. We deliver sales results based on a successful track record of campaigns.
The North America, Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Asian region markets have established interactive mobile messaging applications such as voting, competitions and games as the growth area in SMS. Revenue from these applications is quickly surpassing that from traditional content services.
Globally, both the media and big brand names are using text applications to build relationships with their consumers through promotions, campaigns and competitions. Mobile content including ringtones, wallpapers and games have the power to drive revenue and build brand loyalty.

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