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EBR-I enables consumer-oriented brands to conduct exciting, interactive mobile marketing campaigns that build and sustain relationships with your target market, boost product sales and increase revenue. Mobile campaigns can be used to increase awareness of new products, launches and special events. Consumer brands such as fashion retailers, fast food companies, beverage companies and more can benefit from adding a mobile marketing component to their marketing mix.
Campaigns can be used as a cross-promotional device as an integrated part of your overall marketing mix and advertising strategy, or as a stand-alone campaign focused on a target audience. Campaigns can include campaign-specific web sites, interactive contests, billboards, on-pack marketing, trivia, ring tones, wallpapers, icons and games.

Campaign Examples  
Mobile Coupons or Timed Vouchers is also an exciting way to promote your brand where one gives the mobile receiver an instant opportunity to receive a discount upon receiving a message. For instance; a mobile user receives a message: 10% of on a particular product on sale.
Customer can purchase theatre tickets by sending an SMS to a short code ( 4 digit number ). The system will automatically send a bar coded mobile ticket to the cell phone of the user, which can be redeemed at the theatre entrance
Voting is an exciting way to engage the audience and let them have their say. Newspapers, magazine and television are prime examples. SMS can help deliver exciting instant win prizes where customers can find out if they have won a prize straight away. Selecting a random winner is a prime example.
Another example is entering competitions by SMS. Entry is quick and easy and therefore encourages a bigger response rate. These can be SMS alerts, MMS alerts, ringtones, logos, polyphonic ringtones, java games and applications.
In the concept of Customer based services supermarkets can send out promotion alerts, cooking shows can send diet tips, music stores can send release dates, Top ten in promotional campaigns.
For agencies looking to help their clients improve and expand the effectiveness of their marketing mix, EBR-I helps agencies deliver a wide range of compelling multimedia services—including SMS, MMS, video, and WAP—making it simple to distribute mobile marketing and entertainment campaigns around the world. Campaigns can include live event contests, alerts, voting, interactive and subscription services, and more.
ing a random winner is a prime example.
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