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Mobile Applications
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Distribution of branded mobile applications is another innovative mobile marketing concept.
In addition to providing a unique an enriching user experience, these applications offer customers the chance to interact with your company and request addition information pertaining to the advertised products.
EBR develops and deploys vivid and viral mobile experiences for Brands and Media companies. Our Mobile Applications support video, social media, news feeds and interactivity just to highlight a few features. Applications generate brand awareness, boost your website traffic and increase revenues.
Utilizing these applications customers can interact directly with you. We can integrate texting, calling, emailing and other features into these applications.

This application can be integrated with your company’s corporate ERP, Sales Support Systems or backend applications/databases.
In excess to 15 million successful application installations! Our applications have been a tremendous success.
Put Your Brand in you users hands
Enhance your mobile marketing campaign with branded mobile app and create a continuous dialogue with your customer!
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