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EBR Interactive believes that companies are differentiated based not only on the quality of the products and services they provide but on the level of commitment to the success of the project. Post sales support is an important commitment and one that EBR Interactive takes very seriously.

Live Service – Using our reporting capabilities, the performance of the application is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine call accuracy, transaction completion rates, and customer satisfaction. Your system can be fined tuned based on this data, to ensure that the application delivers on all of the business objectives as identified in the Design document.

Warranty – Customers receive a full ninety-day warranty on all software after the cut-to-service date.

Ongoing Support – Our Support Specialists provide unsurpassed service 24x7 to address any service-affecting technical issues.

We support all the custom applications we develop in a variety of ways. EBR Interactive offers Annual Software Maintenance Agreements to cover our custom software applications and products. These agreements offer the following benefits:

Priority support for urgent issues without requiring separate billing authorization.
Free patches and “point” releases for EBR Interactive products.
Additional maintenance fees are not incurred as enhancements are added over the term of the agreement provided the enhancements are not unusually large.
EBR-I offers two levels of maintenance agreements:  
Standard - This level provides for free maintenance services on weekdays, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (based on the time zone where the issue occurs), excluding Public holidays.
Premium - This level provides for free maintenance services at any hour on any day of the week, including holidays (i.e. 24x7x365). Changes or enhancements covered by the block of hours, or issues that do not materially affect the application’s quality of service, may be deferred until regular business hours.
Want to know more about our maintenance services? Contact Support to get more information.
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