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Spamming is illegal and has a detrimental effect on the mobile messaging industry as a whole, and we are therefore committed to ensuring best practice standards are adhered to by our clients. As such, we require all clients to be familiar with the following anti-spamming recommendations, where spamming is defined as the sending of unsolicited commercial communications.

EBR-I is strictly against the sending of unsolicited SMS/text messages, notifications, alerts or any other form of inappropriate communication.
If marketing communication messages are being sent, clients should ensure they obtain the individual recipient's consent prior to sending any marketing communication via SMS/text.
Clients are advised to include a simple and inexpensive 'opt-out' option within their messages, allowing the individual recipient to choose to stop the receiving of any further messages if they so wish.
Clients should ensure that their mobile marketing campaigns are correctly targeted with appropriate content which is of value to recipients.
Clients are reminded that they should comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the collection, processing and use of personal data.
All marketing communication SMS/text messages must identify the sender / source and clearly state the price of the product / service promoted in accordance with advertisement legislation.
Please note that EBR-I does not permit any SMS/text traffic which is of a spamming nature. Evidence of spamming will result in service being suspended or may lead to the termination of your account.
Full account must be taken of all applicable laws and regulations in (i) the country from where you are initiating the sending of SMS/text and (ii) the country or countries to where you are sending SMS/text.  

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