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Key to Mobile Marketing
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Direct Response


Mobile marketing creates quick responses via use of shortcodes and single word texts. Being media savvy compliments existing communication methods such as print, point of sale, direct mail, radio and television.

Customer Support
Invite customers to make queries, give comments and place orders via a text/SMS message. Customers may be more willing to text requests or queries due to the shear convenience as compared to making calls or even logging on to a website.
Promotional Activity

Consumers may be more willing to respond via a premium chargeable text, when there is sufficient value with the product/service. This allows the possibility of the campaign being paid for in full or part by respondents.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Targeted promotions are well received by recipients, and help to build and maintain loyalty by providing value added providing services that your customers will find useful and enjoy enhances your CRM and loyalty base.


Marketing through mobile provides a quick and easy way of receiving valuable information from customers which builds a database. Adding a sender ID or shortcode to the communications allows one to capture responses from prospective and existing clients. Whether you use a sender ID or a shortcode, implementing a text response across your media allows you to create a unique and familiar link with your service or product


Mobile data services and marketing provide a new opportunity to increase revenues and can also help enhance and differentiate client's brands. Mobile marketing is highly personalized, interactive and has an immediate impact. When used cross media to complement other promotions, mobile marketing has been proven to generate a solid increase in sales.

Extremely inexpensive as compared to conventional advertising ( print, TV etc )
Average Response rates of over 10%
Recall rates of over 75%
Stronger ROI case than other media
Better commission margins than traditional advertising
Requires minimal agency effort to initiate a simple pilot
Instant & Direct
Permits an ongoing dialogue
Captures users profile data
Perceived as highly innovative
Offers ‘real time' campaigns
Delivery of content nationwide via all major carriers, at a time and place that maximizes consumer response.
Immediate and/or scheduled personalized delivery via text
or multimedia.
Bi-directional, interactive communication between the client
and individual consumers.
Permission-based and spam-free.
Receive immediate feedback from the consumer to establish a unique dialog.
Appeals to the consumer’s desire for immediate gratification.
Sophisticated, built-in capture and data mining tools that
continuously gather detailed usage information to be merged with consumer profile databases.
Advanced consumer segmentation: POP Solutions’ data capture services allow consumer segmentation based on demographics, psychographics and usage.
Ability to interface and/or integrate with client database
Unique features
Immediate Brand recognition
2-way Dialogue with consumer
Targeted: Age, gender, etc
Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print
Viral: Customers forward messages
Use of different technologies such as ‘shotcodes’.

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