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Increasing Operational Efficiency, Improving Asset Utilization and Enhancing Sales Management with a Packaged Approach to Mobile

Doing business is about people and the trusted relationships that are forged over time. The sales team that works out of the office is the shop front of your organization. The way your sales team is supported, the tools you provide them with and the processes you define for them to work to, significantly impact their success.
"To remain competitive and increase productivity, owners of small and medium companies - no matter what type of business they are running - must ensure that they and their employees do not exist in isolated islands, whether on the road, working at home, on a sales call, or checking inventory in the store room," said Pat Hume, Avaya group vice president, small and medium business solutions"

EBR Interactive’s mobile platform is business infrastructure design to support your mobile sales team, deliver on process and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

When your car is your office, what are the tools of the trade? An order pad? A product? A catalogue? A mobile phone? Yet you are expected to hit targets, grow territories, cross sell, up sell, service the customer and win new business. You need a new tool!

EBR Interactive for your business does away with the traditional tools and puts the power of the office in your palm.

In a world where competitive advantage and cost management are the buzz words of every office, businesses are demanding a better way to sell, procure, warehouse and supply. Making the sale on the road starts this process, but it is only half the battle. Completing the paperwork, getting the order into the warehouse, picking and shipping the goods is a war that is fought everyday between internal and external sales people in businesses all over the world.

We break down the communication barriers and automate the information exchange between the office and the field. Our Applications will link your workforce with a “create and share approach” to communication.

With EBR Interactive mobile solutions; orders don’t have to be written down or phoned in. At the touch of a button an order taken in New York can create a pickup slip in a warehouse in Dubai. At the click of a button, your mobile sales team can set an appointment; check the availability of stock and set customer specific pricing.
EBR Interactive mobile delivers access to business information from mobile devices that are not even connected to the internet. EBR Interactive mobile solutions require little or no modifications to your security policies and infrastructure, as all information is send using the underlying technology of SMS/Text.

We ensure that our application integrates with your existing back office software and with all standard databases.



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Banking – Keep your customers up to date with all the accounts transactions
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Embassies & Consulates
Sales Force Automation
Stock Quotes
Information Services
TV/Radio Channels
Automotive Industries
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