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Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology platform that protects content owner rights when selling and distributing content online. EBR-Iís Hosted DRM Solution empowers all aspects of the digital rights management process. It has been designed with future proofing in mind and is highly customizable and scalable to cover all DRM requirements across multiple regions and infrastructures.
EBR-Iís Hosted DRM Solution supports an ever increasing number of business models and is highly customizable to adapt many more. Current models available include subscription services, try before you buy, promotional previews, pay-per-view and pay-per event.
EBR-Iís Hosted DRM Solution allows easy integration into many existing content delivery and content management infrastructures via a single platform. This has been achieved by basing our DRM solution on software industry standards such as J2EE and web services. All components have been repeatedly tested for performance and reliability and are easily upgradeable to suit changing market and infrastructure conditions.
Hosted DRM Solution at a glance:  


Easily integrated into multiple infrastructures
Highly customizable and scalable
Business Model agnostic Ė Supports multiple formats
Highly flexible concerning definition of rights
Designed to be easily upgradeable to ensure future proofing
Designed using current industry standards
A complete turnkey DRM Solution
Accurate and rapid reporting tools for rights enforcement
HTTP request initiation
OMA 1.0 Compliant
Carrier grade performance
Stand alone service
Multi WAP Content support


EBR-I Hosted DRM supports forward lock, combined delivery and separate delivery DRM types, Content are protected using content encryption keys; end users of the content are unable to use the content without unlocking access
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